URA Should Help More In Providing Public Housing

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2018-04-14 HKT 14:37

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  • URA should help more in providing public housing

The chairwoman of LegCo's Housing Panel Alice Mak on Saturday urged the government to collaborate with the Urban Renewal Authority to provide more subsidised housing.

The Federation of Trade Unions lawmaker said the authority can help retrieve land in different districts and work with the government to build public housing units there.

Mak, who also sits on the board of the authority, said in that way the authority wouldn't have to engage in projects with private developers that result in having more expensive flats coming onto the market.

"I'm urging the Urban Renewal Authority to consider to make use of land resumed from old districts to develop public housing", she said.

"I think we really need to do something in helping the URA to work with the Housing Society or the Housing Authority so that the URA can provide land and the Housing Society or the Housing Authority can help with the infrastructure or construction works et cetera", Mak added.