Traffic Case Handled According To The Law: CP

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2018-04-14 HKT 15:16

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  • Traffic case handled according to the law: CP

The Commissioner of Police Stephen Lo said on Saturday that it was "usual procedure" for officers to send out notices of intended prosecution to drivers involved in traffic accidents, even to those who had been ordered by the police to slow down before the accidents occurred.

He was referring to an incident on the Fanling Highway in February, where an officer instructed three cars to slow down in a bid to help stop a car that was allegedly speeding. Two men in the vehicle died after it ploughed into the slow-moving cars.

Lo confirmed that the police have sent notices to the drivers of the three cars, informing them that they could be prosecuted because that was in accordance with the law. He added that officers have been in touch with the drivers of the three cars.

Lo also said the Coroner's Court is expected to hold an inquest into the death of the drivers who were in the car that was allegedly speeding.