Student Guidance Teachers Should Be Retained: Ip

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2018-04-14 HKT 14:06

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  • Ip Kin-yuen said Hong Kong should follow the US system. File photo: RTHK

    Ip Kin-yuen said Hong Kong should follow the US system. File photo: RTHK

The legislator representing the education sector Ip Kin-yuen said on Saturday that the government should not replace existing student guidance teachers with social workers, under its "one social worker for every school" policy.

He stressed that counselling was an effective way of helping students, and suggested Hong Kong follow the US system where student guidance teachers and social workers work together.

"The society is requesting to add a social worker in primary schools", Ip said.

"We are enhancing the capacity of the primary schools in counselling...helping our students to cope with all kinds of problems. It is not to replace student guidance teachers by social workers", he added.