'No Need For Consultations On Light Public Flats'

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2023-02-04 HKT 11:32

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  • 'No need for consultations on light public flats'

Housing Secretary Winnie Ho on Saturday dismissed the idea of holding consultations before picking plots for light public housing.

The government recently announced that eight plots have been identified for the construction of 30.000 light public flats – but the plot in Kai Tak has received strong opposition from lawmakers and residents, who say the plan will hinder the area from being developed as a central business district.

Speaking on an RTHK radio programme, Ho said light public housing was a "rescue boat" for people living in poor housing such as subdivided flats, and that the government had no time to hesitate.

"If we follow the normal procedures, with discussions and tabling it to the Legislative Council, it may take six to seven years time before construction work can begin," she said. "It will take a long time and fail to reach the aim of providing flats within a short time."

The minister reassured people that the long-term aim of developing Kai Tak into a second central business district still remains.

"We are just borrowing the land in Kai Tak, which is used for parking buses at the moment, so we want to make use of it and provide people with a better living environment," she said.

"We will use two years to build the flats and people will live there for another five years. After seven years, when the Development Bureau needs the plot back for a long-term purpose, we will release the land again."

Ho added that details of the project have been tabled to the Legislative Council.


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