Yuen Long Shops Shut Amid Fear Of More Violence

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2019-07-22 HKT 16:11

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  • Yuen Long shops shut amid fear of more violence

Many shops in Yuen Long closed early on Monday afternoon amid fears that violence could return, after armed men had chased and beat up passengers and journalists inside the Yuen Long MTR station the previous night.

Most shops at the Yoho mall had their gates closed as early as 3pm. A cinema rolled down its gate half way, but staff members said they were told by the mall to “be prepared”.

Two customer service staff said they had no idea why shops were closed and asked an RTHK reporter to go on the internet to find out.

This comes as text messages were being widely circulated, warning people to stay away from Yuen Long between 4pm and 10pm, as “actions will be taken against those dressed in black and wearing masks” – anti-extradition protesters have often dressed in black during demonstrations.

Shops inside the Long Ping MTR station, and shops nearby, also closed early for the day.