Police Pledge Probe Into Alleged Reporter Attack

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2019-11-16 HKT 22:30

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  • Police pledge probe into alleged reporter attack

The police say they are conducting an investigation into allegations that a radio reporter had been shot by a sponge grenade.

In a statement, the force said it was conducting a clearance operation in Mong Kok in the early hours of Saturday, when officers requested reporters on site to leave. It confirmed that a sponge round had been fired, adding that the officer responsible is now on leave.

The police say they are looking into the incident, adding that the force fully respects press freedom and will continue to communicate with media organisations to enhance "mutual understanding".

Commercial Radio has alleged that the police threatened to arrest one of its reporters for ‘rioting’, and attacked him with a sponge grenade in Mong Kok overnight.

While the journalist was unhurt, a hole was found on his backpack, with a sponge round found at the scene.

Both Commercial Radio and the Journalists Association have condemned the police action, saying it was unreasonable and undermined press freedom.