More Pan-dems Accused Of Legco Ballot Tampering

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2020-10-16 HKT 17:58

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  • More pan-dems accused of Legco ballot tampering

For a second day in a row on Friday pro-establishment lawmakers alleged that their rivals had interfered with elections for Legco panel chairs, with a fresh police complaint reportedly made – this time against Democratic Party councillors Andrew Wan and Helena Wong.

On Thursday, the Legco secretariat called the police over claims the party's Ted Hui had snatched votes from a ballot box.

A day later, pro-Beijing lawmaker Junius Ho accused Wan and Wong of subverting the process by casting an extra vote during the election of a chairperson for the environmental affairs panel.

Ho, who chaired the meeting, said a review of security camera footage shows Wong had kept a ballot from an earlier panel meeting, before passing it to Wan.

"It was clearly and vividly recorded in the CCTV [footage] that Andrew Wan did insert ballot papers twice into the ballot box", Ho alleged.

DAB lawmakers Holden Chow and Ben Chan accused the lawmakers of committing "election fraud" and urged Legco officials to call the police.

"If someone is against the law, of course, there should be proper legal enforcement," Chow said.

"In light of this sort of behaviour, I would urge the secretariat to be prepared for any kind of similar behaviour to happen again, to make sure that there should be precautions,” he added.


Last updated: 2020-10-16 HKT 20:48