Helper Job-hopping Remains A Concern, Says Chris Sun

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2023-03-18 HKT 18:09

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  • Helper job-hopping remains a concern, says Chris Sun

The Secretary for Labour and Welfare on Saturday said there is still a need to regulate job-hopping among foreign domestic workers, even though the situation has now improved.

Chris Sun made the comment after the government suggested amending the Code of Practice for Employment Agencies to try to deter migrant workers from changing employers mid-contract, as job-hopping complaints had increased during the pandemic.

Under the proposal, firms will be asked to explain clearly to helpers that applications to change employers within their contract period will normally only be approved in exceptional circumstances.

The labour chief said authorities hoped to balance the concerns of both employment agencies and employers by making changes to the code of practice.

Sun said the issue of job-hopping had become more prominent during the pandemic, because fewer domestic helpers were in Hong Kong due to Covid restrictions.

"As Hong Kong returns to normal and migrant workers are no longer subject to restrictions, there will be an improvement," he said.

"Despite that, many employers are still concerned about whether there should be more explanation in the Code of Practice for Employment Agencies about job-hopping under unreasonable circumstances. We think there is room for more explanation, to let both sides better handle the matter."

When asked about requiring probation for foreign domestic workers, Sun said sticking to the current two-year contract period was better.