Govt Should Hold Public Debate On Bill: Paul Tse

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2019-05-21 HKT 11:21

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  • Govt should hold public debate on bill: Paul Tse

Pro-government legislator Paul Tse, who had been expected to chair a Legco bills committee on proposed extradition laws, has called on the government to engage in more public discussion on the planned changes, before the controversial extradition bills goes to the full council next month for its second reading.

The government said on Monday that it has decided to fast track the bill, as pro-government and pan-democratic lawmakers failed to resolve their differences on the formation of a committee to scrutinise the bill.

"There is still a few weeks by now and then and I will hope the government certainly can engage the public discussions more to explain the decision, the urgency, scope and position vis-a-vis various proposals," said Tse.

The pro-government lawmaker said this is better than councillors wasting time, arguing about the bills committee in Legco.

Referring to the government decision to bypass the vetting committee, Tse said it was a difficult decision for the government to make and he wouldn't like to see this kind of step taken often. But he justified the move saying "difficult circumstances" led to the government decision.