Family Dispute Likely Motive For Shooting: Police

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2018-06-26 HKT 18:45

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  • Family dispute likely motive for shooting: police

Police say they believe a family dispute was behind the shooting of four people in Quarry Bay Park in Taikoo Shing on Tuesday, with a suspect arrested over the attack related to the victims.

Counter-terrorism officers detained a 44-year-old woman and recovered a firearm not far from the park, shortly after the shootings at around 3pm.

Inside the park, they had found two men and two women, believed to be the suspect's aunts and uncles, with gunshot wounds. At least one had been shot in the head.

"The attack is a lone attack," Chief Inspector Hui Hong-kit told a press briefing.

"We believe the motive of the attack is a family conflict ... the assailant and injured persons are family members," Hui said.

"We are now investigating as to how the assailant obtained the firearm to commit the crime."

Hui said the suspect did not try to resist arrest and she had not been injured. He added that she does not have a known history of mental illness.