Don't Forget The Cleaners, Says Labour Group

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2019-04-14 HKT 13:19

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  • Law Pui-shan explains the problems facing toilet cleaners. Photo: RTHK

    Law Pui-shan explains the problems facing toilet cleaners. Photo: RTHK

The government has been criticised for failing to provide basic amenities for toilet cleaners.

The Hong Kong Catholic Commission for Labour Affairs surveyed 50 public toilets around the territory and found some didn't have a duty room for cleaners to rest. And the group said that in those that did, the rooms are tiny with no ventilation, and often smelly and full of cleaning equipment.

The group said many cleaners have to rest and eat lunch out on the street instead.

Spokeswoman Law Pui-shan, says the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department needs to upgrade the facilities as part of plans to renovate 240 public toilets in the coming five years.

"The government is not doing its best to protect the hygiene and working conditions of outsourced toilet workers," she said.

"And we think that the government should set the priority to rebuild or refresh or redecorate the post where the toilet workers work all day."