Director Of Public Prosecutions Quits Post

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2020-07-31 HKT 19:38

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  • David Leung says he 'do not see eye to eye' with the justice secretary. File photo: RTHK

    David Leung says he 'do not see eye to eye' with the justice secretary. File photo: RTHK

Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) David Leung has quit his post citing differences with Justice Secretary Teresa Cheng.

In an email sent to his colleagues, Leung also revealed that he had been sidelined on matters relating to the new national security law.

Leung said in his mail that he had tendered his resignation as he “does not see eye to eye” with the secretary on the running of the prosecution division of the Department of Justice, and he is leaving his job at the end of this year.

“It is most unfortunate that I do not see eye to eye with the SJ on the running of PD, and the situation has not improved with the passage of time,” he said in the mail.

Leung said he had enjoyed his work as a prosecutor for 25 years, but said it is now time for the secretary to get a new DPP.

He also told his colleagues, who he said were “concerned about transferring to … the division/unit handling the National Security Law”, that sufficient notice will be given to them before the move.

But the city's top prosecutor said he was not involved in matters relating to the new law.

“My assistance and participation in [National Security] matters was not required,” he said in the email.

Cheng, who was at a press briefing with Chief Executive Carrie Lam, confirmed Leung had resigned.

Asked about her reaction to the resignation, Cheng said being as they were talking about the serious matter of the Legco elections being postponed, it was not an appropriate time to comment on this.

"I think in all fairness, we should allow him to make a proper statement at an appropriate time rather than to comment on this now when we are looking at a more important matter," she said.