Staying Fit Amid COVID-19

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Doing workouts with professional guidance amid various social distancing rules has been made easy, thanks to a Leisure & Cultural Services Department’s scheme.


With professional coaches as teachers in real time, the Online Interactive Sports Training Programmes - launched since January - offer various types of sports for enrolment, including hip-hop dance, aerobic dance, fitness exercise, body-mind stretching, parent-child fitness, tai chi and fitness yoga.


The courses are designed by relevant national sports associations and suitable for people of all ages to exercise at home. Each course consists of two or three one-hour sessions.


Ideal solution

Parent-child fitness programme coach Hermia Chow expressed deep appreciation to the department for helping people to stay fit using this unique online gateway.


“Under the epidemic, many people stay at home without outdoor exercise. These programmes create a win-win situation. In addition to offering children and their parents an opportunity to stay healthy, coaches can remain gainfully employed.”


Ms Chow said teaching online is challenging, as coaches are unable to instantly offer help to each participant and see their response to the exercises.


“We often ask them to show a V-sign once they have completed a movement so that we know they have finished. We also ask them questions and encourage them to give a response because we know that more interaction can raise their attention.”


Easy preparation

Before the lesson, participants should prepare their desktops, laptops or mobile devices by downloading the Zoom software in advance. They should also reserve an area of about 4 sq m and clear their surroundings to avoid danger.


Fitness yoga programme coach Candy Lee reminded participants of the importance of understanding their physical condition before doing exercise. If they feel unwell during the lesson, they should gradually stop, Ms Lee stressed.


Some courses for the new phase of the programmes are already open and each is available on a first come, first served basis. The course fee is $20. Visit the department’s website for details.