Hostel Tenants Show Volunteer Spirit

Po Leung Kuk Lee Shau Kee Youth Oasis is one of the projects under the government’s Youth Hostel Scheme, an initiative that focuses on addressing youth accommodation challenges. The Youth Oasis not only gives its young tenants a roof over their heads, however; it also promotes community engagement through involving them in a variety of volunteering activities.


Cosy nest

Having been developed with comprehensive governmental support, the hostel – located on Tai Shu Ha Road West in Yuen Long – is operated by the Po Leung Kuk.

Providing about 1,680 places for employed individuals between the ages of 18 and 30, its accommodation includes both single and double rooms, all equipped with a private bathroom. Shared facilities, such as laundry spaces, kitchens and a basketball court help to create a communal living experience.


Monthly rents at the Youth Oasis range from $2,950 to $4,200, offering affordability comparable to half of the market rates. Applications are subject to an income cap and residents can stay for a maximum of five years. The hostel commenced leasing in March last year, with tenants moving in gradually from May onwards.

Personal growth

As a community-focused project, the Youth Oasis is set up to support the personal and social development of its inhabitants.


Tenant Wong Ka-hei’s experience underscores the profound connections he and others have established through volunteer work, in particular with elderly individuals facing mobility challenges.


Wong recounted an instance where collective encouragement resulted in an elderly lady overcoming tremors to complete a collaborative artwork, illustrating the power of empathy and co-operation.


In a similarly heart-warming vein, a group of Youth Oasis residents recently participated in activities at a kindergarten in Yuen Long, where their interactions helped to spread joy and foster inclusion.


Kendith Cheung, Service Manager at Po Leung Kuk Lee Shau Kee Youth Oasis, reiterated the initiative’s primary objective of providing a nurturing environment for young people to flourish personally and contribute positively to society.


Describing the diverse amenities available to tenants, including library resources and games facilities such as snooker and ping-pong tables, Cheung highlighted the hostel's commitment to fostering a sense of community and catering to varied interests.


For his part, Ka-hei affirmed that the range of recreations available to tenants, from sports and art activities to cooking and music, make the Youth Oasis a hub for unwinding and building meaningful friendships.


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