H2OPE Centre Hydrates Young Minds

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Children gain a valuable insight into Hong Kong’s waterworks by directing the flow of water at an attraction designed to emulate the water cycle at the Water Supplies Department’s brand new H2OPE Centre.


They learn how rain passes through catchwaters in mountains and is filtered and distributed to people’s homes at the attraction, one of the 54 games or displays at the water education centre.


Kids can also try their hand at a fishing simulator to learn about tips and advice on fishing in reservoirs and discover ways to recycle and save water at other exhibits of the 720-sq m centre, which opened in December.


“It is extremely fun. We do not have this at school. I know how to save water now,” student Kim Lam said.


“Usually, we sit in a classroom and answer questions. But now we can learn about water in Hong Kong by playing games. It is excellent,” fellow student Alan Zeng added.


Children can also watch immersive videos at the centre’s 3D dome theatre.


Deeper understanding

The department hopes the centre will raise public awareness about water conservation.


“Its exhibits, live demonstrations and interactive games help visitors gain more insight into Hong Kong’s water resources,” Water Supplies Department Senior Engineer Irene Tong explained.


People can also visit the city’s important waterworks facilities such as the Waterworks Heritage Trails and the High Island Reservoir in Sai Kung, by joining the department’s Excursion with Water Save Dave. 


Water Save Dave is the department’s mascot to help promote a water conservation culture in the community.


Water Supplies Department Engineer Fion Chan said: “Water Save Dave is blue and shaped like a water drop to encourage us to cherish every single drop of water.


“We hope that guided tours of waterworks facilities will raise the public’s awareness about water resources and conservation.”