Blossoming In Celebration Of The City

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To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the Leisure & Cultural Services Department launched the Blossom Around Town (BAT) event from June to October, in which landscaping projects will be rolled out in three phases for public appreciation at selected parks and locations across Hong Kong.

Spectacular flower field


Located along the Central & Western District Promenade (Central Section), a flower field with its brilliant hues is called: “Home Enlivened by Flowers.”


In the centre of the 420-sq m flower field, there is a numerical icon “25” as well as a miniature of the signature golden bauhinia to signify the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong SAR. It is a fitting accompaniment to the government headquarters in the background.


The department’s Leisure Manager (Landscape) Vicky Wong explained the positive messages behind the spectacular flower field consisting of around 16,000 potted plants.


“We use flowers with different colours that blossom in summer, symbolising the vibrancy and diversity of Hong Kong.”

“The flowers we used also have different positive meanings, which mean Hong Kong will have a better future.”


During lunch hour, people working nearby were attracted by the beauty of the flower field and took pictures of the blossoms with their smartphones.


Fabulous flower wall


Next to the flower field, there is an Instagrammable flower wall called: “What a Glamorous Metropolis.” 


With a dimension of 4m by 10m, the flower wall is designed using iconic elements from the Central & Western District.


It features an installation modelled on the Peak Tram and the Ferris Wheel against a cityscape with emerald hills and skyscrapers in the background, creating a vital and buzzing ambience to reflect the impressive glamour of the city.


Free access to public


Vicky Wong said the department hopes to organise free events allowing for maximum public participation in planning celebratory activities.

“As local travelling and photo-taking at hotspots across Hong Kong became very popular in recent years, we plan to grow flowering plants at major parks and various locations by means of landscaping work and floral installations.”

“The chosen venues of setting up flower fields, flower walls and themed garden plots for the BAT event are all in popular parks with great accessibility in the 18 districts across Hong Kong.”

She believed that members of the public may appreciate the beautifully-designed landscaping work near their living or working places without any need to travel long and far.


Citywide beautifications


During the BAT event, 51 landscaping projects will be rolled out in phases across the city from June to October.


This includes the beautification of 21 roadside greening areas with flowering plants. Colourful flower fields, flower walls, a maze garden, and a birthday theme display are now available at 12 parks and other locations with convenient access.


In mid-September, the department will set up thematic garden plots with Eastern and Western styles at designated parks for public appreciation.