ExpatBriefing: Canada Revenue Agency To Improve Digital Platform

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28 September 2018

The Canada Revenue Agency is to collaborate with an association of tax preparation and software firms to improve the digital services it provides to taxpayers.

The CRA has signed a joint digital services collaboration plan with Tax-Filer Empowerment Canada (TFEC). The CRA said that the aim of this collaboration is to "produce and promote innovative, secure, and convenient electronic filing services."

The CRA will continue to make improvements to its core systems and to a range of digital initiatives, including Online Mail, Auto-Fill, Express Notice of Assessment (NOA), and ReFILE. The CRA will also expand the availability and improve the interface of its applications, in order to allow TFEC to better integrate its software products with the CRA's systems.

The new Express NOA feature will enable taxpayers to receive their tax assessment shortly after filing. ReFILE will be incorporated into all tax software, meaning that if tax filers need to make changes to their return, they will be able to do so using the certified software of their choice.

TFEC will work with the CRA to raise awareness and encourage taxpayers to use the CRA's digital services. The CRA and TFEC will also work together to offer additional targeted services and products to taxpayers in northern and remote locations.

Revenue Minister Diane Lebouthillier said: "The CRA is committed to ensuring that Canadians have access to secure and convenient tax filing services. This collaboration will further increase the level of cooperation between the Government of Canada and the tax preparation and software industry. It is a significant step forward in working together to improve services to Canadians, including those in northern and remote locations, by providing easier to use innovative digital services."