No One On The Horizon To Replace Xi: Rita Fan

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2018-03-05 HKT 16:01

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  • No one on the horizon to replace Xi: Rita Fan

Hong Kong's only representative in the outgoing Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, Rita Fan, said on Monday that she can't see anyone on the horizon who can replace President Xi Jinping if he steps down.

Speaking in Beijing, where the country's top legislative body is set to approve changes to the constitution which will see term limits on presidents struck down, Fan said it is important for Xi to carry on.

"I don't think we can see anyone on the horizon who can pick up this leadership role other than President Xi," she said. "So to remove that limitation on two terms, which therefore allows Xi possibly to have a third term, I think is very important for China's development at this stage."

But she said that doesn't mean Xi will stay in power forever.

"When the whole reform in China, the modernisation of China, has taken shape and the foundation is laid, someone else can take up this 'burden'," Fan said.