LSD Leader Raphael Wong Granted Bail

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2018-04-16 HKT 10:40

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  • The court granted bail to Raphael Wong but rejected his request to travel overseas. Photo: RTHK

    The court granted bail to Raphael Wong but rejected his request to travel overseas. Photo: RTHK

The Court of Final Appeal has granted bail to League of Social Democrats vice-chairman Raphael Wong, pending his appeal of a jail term imposed for unlawful assembly.

The successful bail application means Wong walks free from prison, having also just finished serving a four-and-a-half-month term for contempt of court.

That sentence, imposed for obstructing court bailiffs during the clearance in 2014 of the Mong Kok Occupy site, meant he wasn't granted bail last month, when he and 12 other activists were given leave to appeal against custodial sentences of up to 13 months imposed for unlawful assembly.

The 13 were convicted over a rowdy protest at the Legislative Council in 2014 against development plans for the northeast New Territories. Originally given community service for the offence, their sentences were later raised on appeal by the government to prison terms.

Justice Roberto Ribeiro granted Wong bail on HK$10,000, pending the appeal scheduled for September 7, after hearing he wasn't considered a flight risk and had never breached bail conditions before.

The application wasn't opposed by the government. But it did oppose Wong's request to attend a seminar on retirement protection, social welfare and prisoners' rights in Taiwan in July.

The government pointed out that the 12 other activists granted bail had surrendered their travel documents, and Wong could use a video link if he needed to speak at the gathering.

Justice Ribeiro agreed, and ordered Wong to give up his travel documents, and remain in Hong Kong until the appeal hearing.