Elderly Reminded To Wrap Up As Cold Snap Approaches

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2022-11-29 HKT 18:17

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  • Elderly reminded to wrap up as cold snap approaches

The observatory has warned people to brace for a sharp drop in temperature, saying the mercury is expected to dip to around 15 degrees on Wednesday as a cold front approaches.

The chilly weather is expected to last for several days, with the weatherman expecting a low of 13 degrees on Thursday and Friday. It will be even cooler in the New Territories.

The head of the Hong Kong Senior Citizens Home Safety Association, Maura Wong, reminded elderly people wrap up warm and seek help if necessary.

“We'll be adequately staffed to handle any increase in the number of requests for help going forward,” she said, adding that elderly people should get their flu and Covid-19 shots if they haven’t already done so.

Meanwhile, the observatory’s assistant director, Chan Pak-Wai, said he expects this winter to be generally warmer.

“Hong Kong, just like many places in the world, is under the influence of global warming. There’s a general trend for the temperature to increase. Therefore, in the coming winter, the temperate is expected to be in the normal to above the normal range,” he said.

“Sometimes, there can still be cold air, originating from further north and spreading southwards. There can still be situations in which the temperature drops significantly.”