Diaoyu Group Demands Japan Release Detained Pair

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2019-04-14 HKT 17:02

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  • Diaoyu group demands Japan release detained pair

Au Pak-kuen speaks to RTHK's Candice Wong

The Action Committee for Defending the Diaoyu Islands has called on the Japanese government to immediately release two of its members charged with trespassing at the Yasukuni war shrine.

The shrine is a memorial to Japan's war dead – including convicted war criminals from World War Two.

Alex Kwok and Yim Man-wa pleaded not guilty last month. They were arrested in December after setting fire to a symbolic tablet outside the shrine, and demanding Shinzo Abe's government take responsibility for the Nanjing Massacre.

The Action Committee's vice-chairman, Au Pak-kuen said: "It is just common sense that such a very minute charge should not keep them detained for so long.

"This kind of detention is abnormal, because they are not detained by the court but they are held by the police. And this kind of detention, it is against the basic principle of justice," he told RTHK's Candice Wong.