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No City-wide Measles Campaign Needed, Says Govt

Health Secretary Sophia Chan has ruled out a territory-wide measles vaccination campaign for all those who aren't alread... Read more

Disappointed With Probe Report, Says Whistleblower

The man considered as a whistleblower who brought to light the construction scandal at Hung Hom MTR Station, has express... Read more

Ronny Tong Slams Govt Over Extradition Concessions

Executive Council member Ronny Tong says he's disappointed to see the government has bowed down to pressure from the com... Read more

Government Sets Out Plan To Tax Vacant Homes

The government has revealed details of how its proposed tax on vacant homes will operate, with developers given a year t... Read more

Five More Measles Cases Take Total To 25

Five more people have been diagnosed with measles in Hong Kong, health chiefs announced on Tuesday, with the airport aga... Read more

Snowden Refugees Pin Hopes On Family Ties

A previously undisclosed link between two ‘Snowden Refugees’ will help pressure the Canadian government to accept th... Read more

Target Plastic Bag Use By Bakeries, Say Activists

While levies and campaigns have cut the use of plastic at least in some of the shops in Hong Kong, one sector has steadi... Read more

CUHK Adopts New Microwave Lung Surgery Method

Doctors from the Chinese University have become the first in the Asia Pacific region to successfully perform a new type ... Read more

Rights Have Deteriorated Severely In HK: Amnesty

Hong Kong's human rights have "deteriorated severely" over the past year, with free speech under attack, Amnesty Interna... Read more

White-collar Crimes Dropped From New Fugitive Laws

The government has caved in to demands from business leaders over planned new legislation to allow one-off extradition a... Read more

Govt Concedes Defeat Once Again Over Tunnel Tolls

Chief Executive Carrie Lam expressed regret on Tuesday as she confirmed that the government will be pulling a non-bindin... Read more

No Need To Rebuild Hung Hom MTR Site: Probe Panel

The commission of inquiry looking into the Hung Hom MTR Station construction scandal has concluded in its interim report... Read more

Govt's Briefing Overload Irks Journalists' Union

The Hong Kong Journalists' Association on Tuesday expressed its displeasure over the government's arrangement to hold a ... Read more

Chinese Judiciary Better Than HK's: Ex-legal Chief

A former director of public prosecutions, Grenville Cross, on Tuesday defended the mainland's judicial system, rejecting... Read more

'Give Measles Jab To Domestic Workers, Immigrants'

A member of Legco's health services panel Kwok Ka-ki has urged the government to expand its measles vaccination to inclu... Read more